Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm joining in on the 5 on Friday fun this week!
1.  We had a great, very calm Fourth of July!  The plan was to swim in our backyard and grill out, but Mother Nature had another idea.  So we laid in bed and watched Breaking Bad all morning, while my child ran around the house like a crazy woman.  Glamorous, I know.
Noah opened a couple of presents, with his helper of course.  We ate at my parents' house, and watched movies last night.  Not extravagant at all, but he had a great day!  (Did I mention it was Noah's birthday too?  Happy (late now) birthday to my main man!)
2.  I got all fanciful yesterday morning.
I was scrolling through Pinterest one night, and you know the recipe where you bake the egg inside the avocado?  Noah saw it and thought it looked amazing.  Hello, birthday morning breakfast!  I fixed that (just hollow out a good bit of the avocado and bake 10-12 minutes at 450 degrees until the egg is as done as you like it).  He also got biscuits with his favorite jelly.
3.  This girl has just been in the sweetest mood lately!
We are finally over the teething part (for now), and she has just been so playful and sweet.  Rough, but playful and sweet.  She makes me laugh SO much every day!
4.  Ok, something has just been funky with me lately.  I am tired ALL the time, I feel full after eating next to nothing, and I'm just basically a slug. (No, I'm not pregnant, I promise.)  What gives?  I've always been anemic, so that's my suspicion...I just started taking iron supplements again, so hopefully that'll help.  I'm ready to be back to my old self again!
5.  So...we're selling our house!  I am planning on writing a full post about this next week.  We just kind of decided to put it on the market on a whim when we were on vacation!  If you know of anybody who is looking for a house (in a great school zone!) in the Tuscaloosa area, please pass this website along!