Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday - Emma Ramey at 16 Months

I'm linking up for Five on Friday this week!
Since today is my sweet girl's SIXTEEN MONTH birthday (how did that happen??), I thought I'd bring you five stats about her on her monthly birthday!
(I have picture in my camera for this post, I promise...but my card reader apparently stood up and walked away.  Bad mommy blogger, I know...cell phone pictures will have to do.)
1. Size - As of yesterday, she was 26.2 pounds (84th percentile) and 32 inches tall (78th percentile)...let me just say, this is the first time she's ever been below the 80th percentile for anything!  She has definitely thinned out a good more baby rolls. :(
2.  Clothing - She is just able to still wear 18 month clothes...I've all but put away 18 month clothes in lieu of 24 month.  I see some packing away happening in the next week or two!  And definitely in size 5 for shoes.  I've tried to squeeze her into 4's a couple of times and it just isn't happening.
3.  Teeth - As of right now, she has all of her front teeth and her 1 year molars.  Her bottom left eye tooth is almost all in, and the other three are cutting.  And you know it if you're around her. :) We're definitely in the throws of teething right now.  The whole nine yards - fussy, sleepless, diaper rash, fever.  Hoping those suckers cut soon, for her and me! :)
4.  Skills - The girl's getting them! She can now "jump" (squat down and throw herself up quickly), pat her tummy, clap on command, point to her nose, ears, belly, feet, and hair, try to snap, tell us she loves us (puts her hand up to her ear), and (sort of) eat with forks/spoons.  She also loves to dance and sing (especially in the car).   She tells us what a duck says (kak kak), cow says (mmmmmm), bear says (grrrr), Hardy says (howls at us), what a rabbit does (ha ha ha).  She blows on her food when we tell her it's hot too. :)  
 (I'm seeing a trend with these pictures...she's either naked or eating. Or both.)
5.  Words - She says bye bye, hey, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Ma Ma (usually when screaming/crying :/) tank yuu (thank you), baa (means bad, mostly when Hardy does something she knows he's not supposed to),  kee kee (kitty kitty - our neighbor's cat), ga ga (means rock rock, like in a rocking chair), nak (snack), and ca-cuh (cracker).  Lots of jabbering too!
Happy 16 months, our sweet monkey moo!