Monday, July 8, 2013

Favorite Baby Items - 15 Months

Here are a few of our favorites at 15 months! If you missed the other posts, you can check out our favorites here:

Favorite Baby Items - First 3 Months

1. EZ Squeezes
These are just the coolest things!  We were going through a ton of those baby food pouches, and it just felt like such a waste when I could be filling my own for much, much cheaper.  I found these on Amazon - they have a zip pouch on the side that allow you to fill it with whatever you'd like!  We do yogurt, fruit, purees, etc. I've been buying baby food jars at the store to fill them with, but of course you could make purees at home to fill them too.  They are dishwasher safe!
2. Graco MyRide65 Car Seat
We have been so pleased with our car seat.  We found it on sale, and I was a little unsure about not getting the higher end car seats, but this one has held up beautifully!  It's well made and has cup holders (something I consider a must in toddler car seats now).  All of the reviews on it are great, and I agree with them!
3. Safety First Cabinet Latches
My child thinks it's her job to plunder through cabinets...these were very needed around here.  I looked at the nice magnetic systems, but these do the job for way less money.  They are really easy to install and not difficult to open once you get used to them.
4. Board Books
I have given up on paperbacks around here...board books are the way to go.  If you are pregnant or the parent of a little baby right now, just don't bother with paperbacks for the next few years, unless you want torn pages all over your living room.
5. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack n Roll Cups
This has got to be Emma Ramey's favorite toy!  It's a set of stackable cups that you can also fasten together to make a ball.  It's great for working on stacking, sorting, and colors (I tell Emma Ramey the color as I hand her the cup).  She constantly brings it to me and begs me to take it apart!
6. Up and Up (Target) Diapers
I think we've tried every brand of diaper in the book...I promise, these are the way to go.  Target diapers are about half the price of any other brand, even with coupons and sales.  We also love Babies R Us Diapers...they aren't quite as sturdy, but you can find some mega sales on them, so they're great to use in the "lower maintenance" times of day.  We use Huggies Overnites at night, but these are the best for during the day!
What are your favorite baby products for this stage?