Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Rainbow

We had a somewhat stormy weekend around here.  It was one of those weather patterns that could produce a storm one minute and sunshine the next.

So, naturally, we got a rainbow out of the deal.  It was one of those fabulous rainbows that goes from one side of the sky to the other - just a gorgeous end to the stormy day.

Whenever I see a rainbow, I think of our journey to getting pregnant with Emma Ramey.  Many of my long-time readers here know that it wasn't an easy one.  After a year of losses and negative tests, it's a given that we were frustrated and sad with the situation.

So, the summer I got pregnant, we stopped to regroup.  We didn't necessarily focus on getting pregnant - rather, we focused on finding where we wanted to go with our journey.

The day before Noah's birthday (July 3rd), I went on a fishing trip with Noah, his dad, and his brothers.  If you've ever been fishing, you probably know you have to leave super early in the morning.  We were on the water by probably 7:30.  It seems like, when I go out on my father-in-law's boat, I sit in the same place - the seat right in front of the center console.  So, I got on my normal perch and soaked up the morning salt air.

It was a little stormy that morning could see the storm clouds in the distance.  But, just like this weekend, we also had a mix of sun - so here came the rainbow.  That morning, I saw the most gorgeous rainbow while sitting on my seat at the front of the boat.

And, right then, 3 days before taking a pregnancy test and 1 week before I "should" have been able to find out anything, I had a hunch that this might be it for us.

I still can't explain it to this day, but I felt the most overwhelming peace come over me.  I felt somebody tell me "it's alright now."  God uses his creation to speak to us sometimes - He definitely used it to speak to me that morning.

We were out of town, so I didn't take a pregnancy test until we got home (after I had 2 very vivid dreams about it)...and it was positive almost immediately.  Once again, several days before I should have gotten a positive.  And, in the two weeks after I found out, I saw two more rainbows...seriously, what are the chances of seeing 3 within 3 weeks?  They aren't kidding when they call rainbows "God's promises" definitely has a special meaning with me.

There are some moments where you just feel your life change - that is one of mine.  And, for the rest of ever, I have a sign that reminds me of my journey to get this little girl.

And it was totally worth it.