Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Summer Backyard

There have been a few (small) changes to our backyard for summer. I just love having a great space where we can get out and have some fun!
I must say, one of my favorite changes starts at the door. We found these magnetic screens last summer...they are WONDERFUL if you have pets/children that are in and out of a door constantly.  They let us keep the door open without the eleventy million flies outside getting in!
I have my baby herb garden sitting on our back porch far, it's cilantro, rosemary, and basil.  It makes the back porch so pretty and it smells fabulous.
This was actually a change we didn't plan on doing at all...when we put in the field stone in the front flower beds,  we had a little left over.  This area never could grow anything because of water runoff from the roof, so we put these back here and made a mini paved area instead!  I really like the way it turned out.
Of course, Emma Ramey has her area.  She was so little last summer that she didn't really have many toys outside...she's made up for it this year. :) She's got her playhouse, car, slide, and basketball goal.  I love the pool we bought off of's been fun to have for hot days!
And, our sad looking garden...whomp whomp.  We keep saying we're going to start it, but I accidentally killed all of the seeds we started back in April when we went out of town one weekend.  Whoops.  So we decided it's probably just best we buy the plants.  We're going to try to start it once we get back from vacation.
(And please excuse the weeds...our weedeater is broken.  I promise we don't always live in the Amazon jungle.)