Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Today I'm linking up with my friend Megan for Midweek Randoms!
 -We got a date night for the first time in a few weeks this weekend!  Emma Ramey stayed with the grandparents and we went to one of our favorite restaurants (where our rehearsal dinner was held).

-This weekend was another attempt in getting this house organized.  Closets are up now.  The master closet is all but done now (this picture is a before, I promise).  Of course I had my trusty helper.
-Speaking of organization, here's an example of it...on opposite day.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has a living room that looks like this every. single. night.
-But oh, this child slays me.  Totally worth cleaning up the dirty living room every night.  Here she is yesterday giving her baby doll love. :)

-We've all been dealing with some kind of sickies around here.  I was first, on Monday, and Noah and Emma Ramey followed yesterday.  Nothing huge, just felt yucky.  We're thinking it was a mild case of food poisoning.

 -We learned the hard way a few days ago that Emma Ramey likes popcorn.  Don't ever leave food out around this child.

-And she likes sitting in baskets.  She seriously sat here for 10 minutes, playing with random items she could reach.
-I am so proud to say that I'm finally on the national bone marrow donor registry.  My blog friend Lindsey's sweet little boy Will is having a bone marrow transplant today...Will is the guy that inspired me to join.  My sample is now in the mail!

A lot of bloggers are joining together today to pray for Will...we actually have enough people to pray for him for the full 24 hours of his transplant day.  How amazing is that?  I'm proud to say I'm part of it, and would love for y'all to be part of it too!  Please pray for his complete healing and for a successful transplant today.

-I'll leave you with a picture of my child doing her favorite thing in the world...hanging upside down.  People wonder why our nickname for her is "Monkey"...she earned it.

Happy Wednesday!