Sunday, June 2, 2013

Insta-Pictures - May

Sometimes I am SO much better at posting pictures to Instagram than to the blog.  It's just so easy to click and go!

Here are a few pictures from Instagram in May that haven't made the blog yet.

This was our first attempt at using the backyard swimming pool this summer.  She actually has a 9 month swimsuit on here - I was shocked (and so happy) it still fit!  It was a little too cool that day, so she wasn't having the we played in her swimsuit in the backyard instead. You win some, you lose some.

My girl on Mother's Day, eating Mexican...her favorite!

With my mom and me on Mother's Day. :)

Crusing in the back yard...doesn't she look cool? :)  That car is her favorite.

My incredibly sweet former boss sent me an invitation to their celebration of becoming an IB school...I thought it was so nice! I seriously had the best principal in the world when I taught.  But, of course, I thought it was on a Friday when it was a Thursday, and missed it...oops!  I was so sad!

Our next attempt at the pool...she actually got in this time! :)

I took this picture one morning, and it's actually a pretty good representation of my morning nap, clutter, and computer. :)  I usually try to get work done during that first nap, then clean in the afternoons, so my house is usually a mess while I'm working.

Think she liked the lasagna she had for lunch?


Before our walk one day.  We both look forward to getting some sun (and exercise for me) every day!

The nice people from Sprout sent Emma Ramey a few snack samples to try.  Her favorites were the yogurt bites.  I bet you can't tell from this picture what she thought about them. :)

This exists. You're welcome.

Snacking by the pool on Memorial Day!

I think I mentioned this week that Noah's on a barbecuing kick lately.  He has a new grill, so he's been trying out all kinds of things.  On Memorial Day, he smoked ribs and a Boston Butt - so good.  I found a copycat Dreamland sauce recipe that I made to go with it - it's actually not bad!  If you try it, add a little bit more syrup, brown sugar, and vinegar.

Story of my life...I tell the child she's too big for the box...she gets in anyway.  I get this face.  She's lucky she's cute sometimes. :)

My poor girl hasn't been feeling to hot this past week.  We don't know what's up - maybe a little cold?  She's also finishing cutting molars, so that's not helping.  One night, she just wanted to cuddle with me and watch TV (something that NEVER happens) and wear a pink bow she found.

Her curious face...the neighbor kids were playing football, and she was very concerned about it.


And last but certainly not least, my baby taking care of her baby.  I melt.

Happy June!

**Housekeeping notes:  I added a home tour page to the blog today!  I've been meaning to do this for so long - it has a lot of our home pictures in one place, and gives you access to all of my home tour posts. Check it out!

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