Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beach Bums

I haven't had a lot of posts about life on here lately...that's because we've been out of town! All last week, we were beach bummin' it up.
We made a pit-stop at the grandparents for a couple of days before we headed to the beach.  Emma Ramey's cousins were in town, so we got some good quality time with the family!
Emma Ramey's cousin Avery  and her (sort of) cousin Chloe...Chloe is actually Avery's cousin on the other side of the family, but for convenience sake, we'll just call them cousins for now. :)  All three of them are under was an experience having them all in the house at once!
We had Father's Day in Hattiesburg before we headed to the beach too.

I'd like to say that we have a lot to report from the beach...we don't.  We spent 4 days at the beach and did basically nothing but lay out, play in the water, and eat!  It was actually great! :)
Emma Ramey is a big fan of the water!
If you're getting a little bit of de ja vu from this, there's a reason...we stayed at the exact same place last year, and Emma Ramey was actually wearing this same swimsuit in the same pool.  Pretty cool huh?
Crazy what a difference a year can make!
This girl absolutely loved the water.  LOVED IT.  She wasn't too big on sand, but you put her in her float and she was good to go.  She loved splashing and kicking her legs!  I have a feeling swim lessons are not too far into our future.
We did venture out to eat one night.  This child was right in the middle of cutting eye teeth, so she wasn't in the best mood.  It was nice to get out...not so nice to get out with a teething, off-schedule baby.
This picture pretty much sums up that night.  Poor baby - she felt terrible!
The next night, we attempted to get a few beach pictures!  This was about as good as it got with a 15 month old.
This picture CRACKS ME UP...they were both squinting in the sun.  You can't tell who Emma Ramey looks like, can you?
And of course I got a couple of pictures with my girl!
Sunday, we made pit stop #2 at the grandparents...Hardy stayed with them while we were gone, so we went back by to pick him up.  Of course, any chance to get a picture of the cousins together is taken advantage of in this family!
I mean really.  These two.  These pictures pretty much sum them up.
All in all, a very fun, very exhausting week!  You definitely need a vacation from your vacation after having kids...they WEAR you out.  But in a good way. :)