Friday, June 28, 2013

15 Months

Happy 15 months to my best girl!

Emma Ramey, here's what you've been up to!
26 pounds exactly.  You're in the 87th percentile still!

You grew an inch this month!  You're up to 32 inches...that's the 87th percentile too.

Clothing Size:
The 18 month clothes still fit great, but you're slowly starting to wear 24 month clothes.  I think if there was a size in between, you'd be in that!  You can really wear both right now.  And you're pretty much in size 5 shoes now too.

Very much in size 4's!  We had to use size 5's this past week, and they were great too.  You're going through probably 4-5 a day now.  (And you HATE having your diaper changed now for some reason.  Like, screaming, kicking, pitching a fit.)

You've started being a little bit more picky lately.  There's usually one meal a day you just aren't feeling...then you eat everything in sight at the meal after that. You get 3 meals a day and 2 snacks a day.  Three sippies of milk, and maybe 1-2 of water.

Big pretty blue eyes!  You're getting more and more (mostly blonde) hair too.  You actually have enough hair on top to clip a little bow into now!  You HATE bows though - they might last 5 minutes.
It's been a little weird this month, but mostly because we've been on vacation.  You (typically) go to sleep between 7-8, and wake up between 7-8 in the morning.  I try to get a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, but once again, that's been really off and on because of traveling.  You usually give me a great nap when we're home though!

Fun Stuff:
-You are our little parrot now!  You copy everything we say.  Your favorite words are Bye, Hi, Cak (Snack), and Da (Dad).

-For some reason, when you say hi or bye, you immediately say "Ding Ding" after.  So everybody gets called Ding Ding that you're talking to. :)
-I am convinced you are going to be a gymnast.  You absolutely love doing "flippies," and your favorite thing is to bounce on the bed or the couch. You scare me to death sometimes!
-You love singing!  You are constantly singing along in the car, or if a song comes on TV.  It's very loud and very cute. :)

-We're working on colors and animal sounds with you right now.  You love playing with your color shapes.  As far as you're concerned, every animal says "moo"...we're working on that. :)

-You will "love" on someone now by going up to them and putting your head on them.

-You also blow putting your hand to your ear.  We don't know what that's about!

-If I tell you to look for something/someone, you'll put your hands in the air and start screaming for it/them.  So funny!

-If I look at you and say "down," you'll squat down until I say "up!"

Happy 15 months, baby girl!