Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Great Yard Resod of 2013

I'm pretty sure I worked harder than I ever have this weekend.

Let's get a little bit of a backstory. When we moved into our house, it had been vacant for months, and the lawn hadn't been very well kept. We live in the middle of what used to be a cow pasture...so there are a few hundred years of weeds just waiting to grow underneath any grass. Well, when the grass isn't maintained, the weeds will grow.

And that's what we had. Our front yard had become nothing but weeds...most of which were dead from trying to treat them. It was embarrassing.  I would see these gorgeous yards when we walked, then come to our nasty yard.  Something had to be done.
So, for Mother's Day, I got a new yard!
First, the old stuff had to be removed...not an easy task.  We basically had to till the whole yard and just scoop away the old stuff (mostly dead weeds).
So, my yard looked like this for a couple of days...gorgeous, isn't it?  We just worked on it after Noah got done with work each day last week.
This girl was a trooper.  She loves being outside anyway, so she got a little bit of sidewalk chalk and a snack, and she was set.  Noah and I took turns removing the old stuff and watching her.
(Did I mention she can use the sidewalk chalk now?? When did that happen?  Now, if we can just keep it out of her mouth, we'll be in business.)
There were huge sections of our yard that sat lower than others, so it flooded and killed any grass that was there...so we had dirt delivered to fill that in.  It had to be spread next.
So we had it spread, everything was great...then the rain came.
And y'all - I am talking MUD PIT.  Like, if somebody wanted to hold a mud wrestling competition in our front yard, they could have.  It was DISGUSTING.
Our sod was delivered Friday afternoon, right in the middle of the rain.  Well, sod has to be unpacked and laid within 48 hours, so we had no choice but to lay it on top of the mud.
So, for two days, I raked mud flat and pounded sod into it.
Y'ALL - not easy.  Every bone in my body ached.   That is tough stuff.
It was a disgusting, hard job, but I am so pleased with how it turned out!
We are still working on getting some of it a little greener...I'm a little worried we didn't water it enough initially (the brown parts sat on a higher part that was dryer), but it's starting to pep up.  And there's a nice coat of mud on my driveway and sidewalk that needs to be pressure washed this week.  
But overall, we're done!
A couple of notes...
-I am so, so saddened by the devastation in Oklahoma today...a lot of long-time readers here know my experience with tornadoes, so this just strikes a chord with me.  If you'd like to help - prayer is by far the best thing you can give.  I always encourage monetary donations to local charities (possibly funds set up by the school system, local churches, or the local hospital)...I found, with our tornado, they did a much better job of getting the funds to people that needed them.  If you'd like to donate items, I'd recommend diapers (especially newborn sizes), baby formula, work gloves, feminine hygiene products, school supplies/teacher supplies, cleaning supplies, and plus-size undergarments...those were the things needed most with our area.  Used clothes and water bottles were the most donated items for us...so, even though I'm sure those are appreciated, they will be overwhelmed with those kind of donations.  If you know of any specific local funds set up for Oklahoma, or if you've heard of any needs they have, please comment on this post and I'll get it added to this.
-On a much lighter note, I'm guest posting at The Chirping Moms today!  Check it out!