Friday, May 3, 2013

Noah's Version of "About Leslie"

As I was browsing through blogs a couple of days ago, I came across Jennifer's "About Me" post, from the viewpoint of her husband.  How genius is that?
I had planned on doing one of those "random facts about me" posts sometime in the next couple of weeks, but let's face it...once you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all.  I feel like I'm kind of out of things to tell y'all about me, so I thought, why not let Noah?
A picture of two babies, circa 2007
Here are the things Noah thinks you should know about me...with my explanation, of course, because it is my blog and I can justify every last one of these. :)
  1. She is incapable of being on time, and this is my biggest pet peeve.  Ok, this is so not true.  I am capable of being on time, I just choose not to be...most of the time.  Anyone with a child can tell you that being on time is crazy difficult, and Noah has no concept of how long it takes a girl to get ready.  I am a little bitter he can go from pajamas to walking out the door in 10 minutes.

  2. She is a phenomenal mother, who couldn't be happier doing anything else.  Ain't he sweet? :)  And he's right - I truly have my dream job right now.

  3. She is one of the most cluttered people I know, until she gets the itch to clean.  Ok, sort of.  I am not cluttered...I just have my own way of organizing things.  And yes, I absolutely do get on cleaning streaks.  As referenced by my mad run through this house in the last week - Noah was laughing at me Sunday night as I was categorizing things in our hall closet.

  4. She hates eggs, unless they are an omelet.  YES.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE.  Blugh...I can't deal.  My mom actually told me a few days ago that she used to have to hide eggs in other foods when I was little to get me to eat them.  The hate runs deep.  But omelets are kind of yummy, as long as I can't taste the egg.

  5. She thought she hated fishing, until she went.  Yep!  I had never seemed like such a "boy thing." But I love it!

  6. She has become a fantastic cook, unless you want dessert. "Become" being the key word there.  I was so awful when we first started dating...but a lot of attempts and a lot of Food Network later, I can cook most things.  Dessert is (usually) not one of those.  I can assemble a dessert, but baking is a no-go.  Noah actually called one of the desserts I tried a few weeks ago "Satan Cake."  No lie.

  7. She is a terrible back seat driver, but always denies doing it.  I can be.  I've tried to get better...but I apparently still have "tells" that get on his nerves (gripping the side of the seat, putting my hand on the glove box).

  8. She gets so mad at my sense of humor, no matter how many times I make her laugh.  In all fairness, most of the time is "sense of humor" is making fun of me.  But, the jokes are funny, even if they are about me.

  9. She has TERRIBLE taste in television, and truly enjoys her bad shows.  I think his taste in television is bad too.  Take THAT Noah.

  10. She is developing a green thumb, after killing a lot of plants.  We're getting there.  I've made it a whole month without killing the plants this year!

  11. She really enjoys a bad joke, and makes fun of me when I laugh. I like the stupidest, corniest jokes ever...I'll admit it.  But Noah's just laughing because he's making fun of how bad the joke is.

  12. She will probably tell me most of this list isn't true, but we all know better.  I think my justifications were pretty good, thankyouverymuch.

  13. She is the greatest wife I could ever imagine, and that makes me a very lucky man.  I like this guy.  I think I'll keep him around. :) 

    I linked this up on Becky's post!