Monday, May 27, 2013

14 Months

Happy Memorial Day!

My sweet girl was 14 months yesterday! Here's what she's up to...

Right at 25.8 the 90th percentile!

You haven't really changed since last about 31 inches.  That's the 75th percentile.

Clothing Size:
Still holding strong in 18 month clothes.  We could probably get away with a couple of 24 month outfits, I just haven't really tried yet.  You're almost ready to move up to size 5 shoes!

Still doing great in size 4's.  You're going through maybe 4-5 a day now.  We're about to have to start using overnight diapers though.

Eating 3 times a day...breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You get a sippie of milk with each meal.  You also have 2 snacks a day.  No more night-night more bottles at all for that matter, you're completely off of them!
You still love anything carb-y...Cheerios, bread, puffs, etc.  You love broccoli and bananas, and you've really started liking snack pouches this month!  You also love eat one every morning.

Gorgeous blue eyes, and (for now) blonde hair.  It's still probably 4 times longer in the back. :)  But, you're starting to (slowly) get some more on top!

Still probably go to sleep at 7-7:30 at night, and sleep until at least 7:30 in the morning.  We FINALLY figured out the problem with your naps...I wasn't waiting long enough between them!  As long as I give you 3 hours between naps, you'll take 2 1.5 hour naps a day.

Fun Stuff:
-You are a wild child!  You love doing "flippies," bouncing on the bed (you say "ba ba" like your Tigger doll while you're doing it), and hanging upside down.  Such a monkey - you earned your nickname!
-You are talking more and more.  You say "Mama," "Dada," "Bye Bye" (LOTS), "Hey," "Ca cuh" (cracker), "Ha" (Hardy), "Dis" and "Dat," "Ga" (outside, for some reason), and a few other words we don't know the meaning of yet. :)  You also jabber all the time!
-You can point to your nose, ears, and belly (when you're in the mood - sometimes you just point to your ear for everything).
-You can tell us what a duck says ("cak cak"), a cow says ("mmmmmm"), and sometimes you'll tell us what a bird says ("teet teet").  You'll also tell us that a rabbit "ha ha ha" (hop hop hops).
-Your favorite books, by far, are the Brown Bear books.  You also love your first 100 words book...for some reason, the bath page is your favorite. :)
-You love harassing Hardy more and more. :) You think it's hilarious to lay on him, and you've started pulling his tail and popping him in the nose...we're working on that one.  You just love it when he'll fight you for one of his toys!
-You'll definitely let us know when you're not happy about something.  Tantrums are still in full-force...not much, but they do happen.
-You love spinning in circles now...we can thank your Daddy for that one. :)
-You love bringing me things...especially outside for some reason.  You pick up pieces of grass and you're SO proud to bring them to me.
-Speaking of love it!  We play in the pool lots now, since it's hot, and you love your playhouse.
-You love being tickled...your belly and under your neck are your spots. :)

Happy 14 months, sweet girl!