Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week in Review

Here's what we've been up to this week!  Nothing special, just wanted to document this for my memory's sake.

Monday: Unpacking, unpacking, and more unpacking.  I got our house back together after our fun Easter Weekend trip.  Emma Ramey and I headed to pick up a chicken order, and Emma Ramey discovered that there were actually treats in her plastic Easter eggs.
It was the highlight of her day.
Tuesday: Emma Ramey had her 1 year appointment! 
 She is now 24lbs, 7 oz, and 30.5" tall...well into the 90th percentile on both.  She is healthy as a horse!  
But, we did find out our pediatrician is moving this summer.  I could cry even thinking about it - she is the BEST doctor.  I'm on the hunt for one that's just as great, but I don't know if I can find one that wonderful!
Wednesday:  Shot recovery day.  Moms of babies that have had shots, you know what I'm talking about - the day after getting shots is usually just miserable.  I did get to go on a mini-date with Noah that night though!
Thursday:  I had an unexpected lunch date with a couple of teacher friends!  They were at a workshop close to my house, so we met on their lunch break to eat.
Friday:  Noah left that afternoon for a Bachelor party for one of his friends.  He spent a good bit of the day working from home, so we actually got to spend some time with him!  We went out to eat with him that afternoon.
This child practiced her bottle balancing skills.

Saturday:  Oh, Saturday.  This won't go down as the best day of the week.  I woke up early Saturday morning with awful chills, nausea, and body aches.  I don't know if I had food poisoning or the stomach bug, but it wasn't pretty.  All in all, I got about 4 hours of sleep that night.
Of course, it happened the weekend Noah was out of town.  We also had a birthday party for two of my best friends' kids Saturday morning that we had to miss.  Thankfully, my mom was able to come take Emma Ramey for the day yesterday, and I took a sleeping pill and basically knocked myself out for the day.
Sunday:  I'm happy to say I'm on the mend now!  It was definitely just a 24 hour bug.  I'm still a little weak from not eating yesterday, but nothing too bad.  We're waiting for Daddy to get home so we can grill out tonight...and let's hope this Momma can eat some of it! :)  And it's Mad Men night...I cannot wait!!
Hope y'all have had a fantastic weekend!