Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh My Word(s)!


This little girl has been a jabber jaws lately!

It seems like her speech has really exploded in the past few weeks.  She has lots and lots of words now...some her own, and some the rest of us use too. :)

Bye (pronounced in the most country accent you can imagine...more like "baeh") - this one is by far her favorite...she says it all the time, whether someone is leaving or not.  She gets what it means, because she says it when she leaves a room, and usually waves her hand with it!

Gah - for a reason completely unbeknownst to us, this means outside.  If we hold her up to a window, she points and says "gah."  And, it absolutely never fails, if Hardy scratches on the door to go out, she looks at us in a very alarmed way and says "gah" until we let him out.

Ha - Hardy

Hey! (always in an excited way) - when she sees someone for the first time that day, she says "Hey!" every single time.

Daddy - one of her favorite things is to walk through the house when Noah isn't in the room and scream "Daddy!"

Mamamama (not Mama, pronounced like this) - I'm still not completely convinced she relates this to me.  We're working on it, but it's usually just jabber.

Dis - Means "this" we're guessing?  She says it when she wants something - she'll point and say "dis."
Ca - We're pretty sure this means car, even though I don't think she's relating it to an actual car...she just says it if we point outside.

Tanks - Means "thanks."  I've been working really hard on "please" and "thank you" with her, and she's really picked up on this one!  Even though she says it when she gives somebody something or takes something without asking.  We'll keep working on that one.
Ca-cuh - Means cracker.  Girl loves her food.

Ba - Means bottle.  She uses this word for a sippie or bottle.
Mihk - for I said, girl knows her priorities in life. :)

She will also copy just about anything you say - definitely in her "parrot" phase of life!

This has nothing to do with talking, but I HAD to share a picture of her curls with y'all!  She only has hair in the back, but she does have hair.  We don't know where the curls come from - both Noah's and my hair is straight as a board!

And, here is proof my child is not always smiley and happy.  There was a little bit of a meltdown yesterday afternoon.