Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mrs. Brown Thumb Grows a Garden, Part 2

If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you might remember that I tried to grow a garden a few years ago.

Well, it was a big fat disaster. My plants barely sprouted and I was never even able to transfer them.

To be honest, I stink at gardening for some reason.  I have never been able to keep plants alive...even flowers that Noah gives me usually die after a day or two.  It's sad, really.
But, this year I'm committed to learning how to do it!
Last year, Noah got this great idea to buy railroad ties to make a raised garden in our backyard.  However, I happened to be 8 months pregnant when he did it...so life kind of got in the way.  As you can probably guess, the whole "having and taking care of a newborn" thing happened, and we never got around to setting it up.  But, when we've had a spare day here and there, we've been working on setting it up finally.

The soil is currently covered in hay because it isn't the best quality...we have a good bit of clay.  But, it looks like we can still grow in it!  We've just got to treat it this weekend with a little bit of compost and peat moss.
We took a little trip to Tractor Supply yesterday to get our veggie sprouting kits.  Emma Ramey's favorite part is checking on the chickies when she goes.
Such a ham!

We picked up tomato and pepper sprouting kits...I don't want to start too much right now, since I stink at gardening I'm new to this.  These should be ready to transfer in a few weeks!
We're also starting a compost pile.  From everything I read about gardening, it is the way to go for fertilizing your garden...plus it's basically free!  I ordered this compost bin today that should be in later this week.
I'd like to do herbs and maybe zucchini/squash this year too, if this goes ok.  We'll see.  Fingers crossed that this is our year for gardening!