Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Week in iPhone Pictures

I have been using my iPhone camera so much lately.  I love my "big camera," but it can be a hassle to get out sometimes, and I don't always have it with me.  It's so easy to pull your phone out really quick and snap those special moments!
Here are a few of the shots I got last week.
Enjoying the beautiful sun on the porch!  It was such a pretty day.  This little girl is loving outside time more and more...she is constantly running to the door and saying "gah," which is her word for outside. :)
I am obsessed with these little cross-back outfits!  This was about as good as that day got - we realized that day that Noah's yucky feeling he had for a few days was actually food poisoning...yuck!


This was my big project of the day!  We had never cleaned our driveway...because of storage, Noah always parks his car outside, so there was a big nasty oil stain where his car usually is.  I (yes, ME!) pressure washed it...I was proud of myself!


We had a fun afternoon Thursday!  One of my good friends had her baby Wednesday, so we took a field trip to the hospital to meet him.  Afterwards, we went to Summer Snow (our FAVORITE summer snow cone place) for the first much fun until this munchkin face planted and busted her lip. :(  You can really see it in the second picture.  She recovered quickly though - we took a trip to Hobby Lobby!

We also had a little outside time that night since Daddy was feeling better...could you not just eat a baby in an oversized t-shirt up?  
My brother was in town, so we all went out to eat with my family!  This child LOVES Mexican food...she gets it honest.

A-Day!  We had planned on going to Noah's fraternity house...they normally do a big thing for Alumni on A-Day, but their Spring party just happened to fall on A-Day this year, so they didn't.  But we got to go to Buffalo Wild Wings instead...yum!  She got her first kids meal here!

And this was my big project for the weekend.  I've been saying for years I was going to make my old sorority t-shirts into a quilt, and had just been putting it off.  I finally decided to do it this week!  I'm almost done - more on that later this week. :)

This little girl had her first Sunday in the nursery at church!  Yes, I know she's over a year old...our pediatrician told us to hold off until flu season was over, just to be safe.  She made it about 20 minutes before she had an ABSOLUTE made my mommy heart hurt. :(  But at least she was happy after church!