Friday, April 12, 2013

Favorite Baby Items - 1 Year

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Here are our favorite baby (toddler?) items at 1 year! 
Munchkin Mighty Grip Sippie Cups
These are the only sippie cups that Emma Ramey will use!  They are very durable and rarely leak.  The baby bites a rubber piece at the top to drink from it.  Such a great idea!
Tot Tutors Toy Organizer and Book Rack
These two items saved my living room.  We don't necessarily have space for a full playroom, so these two items are on an empty wall in our living room to organize toys and books.  Great quality and not very expensive for what you get! 
Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Tub
I think this one might have been in my last "Favorite Items" post...but we're still using it and loving it!  It's just a little tub you can put inside your regular bathtub to not have to fill it up each time you give your baby a bath.  Emma Ramey still fits in it well, and she's big for a 1 year old.  Plus, it's got a sensor on the bottom to tell you when the bath water is too hot!
Halo Sleepsack
This might have been on each of our "Favorite Items" lists so far...but it is an essential in our house.  We panic a little when we leave the house without it...seriously.  It's that important.
It's a wearable blanket that is safe for your baby to use even as an infant.  We went to this when Emma Ramey hated the swaddle, and we never looked back!  Love this product.
Target "Up and Up" Diapers
I had read several blogs and heard several "real life" moms tell me about how great Target diapers were.  I don't think I totally believed it until we tried them.  These are GREAT!  They are about half the price of name brand diapers (even with coupons and discounts) and do the job just fine.  I am in love!
Munchkin Snack Catcher Cups
I actually didn't like these at first.  Emma Ramey just couldn't figure out how to get her hand in there to get the snack.  But, I put a bigger sized snack in there, and she figured it out quickly!  These are great for those times you don't want to put your child in the high chair to eat, but you don't want Cheerios all over your living room rug.  They can get their little hand in there to get the snack, but the snack won't fall out.  Genius!
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