Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past week has been a little bit of a whirlwind! We went to Noah's hometown for a few days away and to celebrate Easter with his family. I'm just now slowing down enough to blog about it!
We went down Wednesday night, and Noah and I left Thursday afternoon for Biloxi.  Noah's mom took Emma Ramey for a couple of days to give us a little mini vacation.  We stayed Thursday night, and Noah's dad and brother came down to go fishing Friday!

I LOVE fishing.  Love it!  This is me with one of the red snappers I caught (and my photobombing brother in law) ...we had to throw these back though.
I did get to keep this one though!  I was proud of myself - it fed everybody Saturday night. :)

We headed back Saturday at lunch.  I missed my baby!  I'm looking kind of rough in this picture, but these are all the fish that were caught - that's mine on the left.
Saturday night, we cooked some of the fish and got crawfish...guess who LOVED the crawfish?  I am talking BEGGED for it and threw a tantrum if she didn't have it.  She is her Daddy's daughter!
Silly girl!
Of course, the Easter bunny had to come Saturday night!  In all fairness, he came early Sunday morning...apparently the Easter bunny was exhausted Saturday night.
This little girl loved her Easter bunny goodies!
We also learned that the Easter bunny's parents like to visit too. :)  Her grandparents are good to her!
Here's a few pictures from Easter morning...
It was a great holiday!