Monday, April 29, 2013

13 Months

Alright, I said I wasn't doing monthly posts past 12 months.

I lied.

It's just that Emma Ramey has changed SO much in the past month.  I thought it would slow down a little - it hasn't!  I love every little thing that's happening with her and I want to document it.
Emma Ramey, here's what up with you at 13 months! 

Right at 24 the 80th percentile!  You're definitely slowing down in the growth department.


You're at 31 inches this morning.  I can tell a big difference from when I measured you last month!  That's in the 86th percentile.

Clothing Size:
Very much in 18 month clothes.  It's great that it's finally starting to warm up - most of your 18 month clothes are for Spring/Summer, so we're finally able to wear all of them!
You're in a size 4 shoe, almost in a size 5.  If I can keep shoes on you.

Still in size 4...I think we'll be in those for awhile.  You're going through about 4-5 a day now.

You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner about the same time that Mommy and Daddy do...the times vary now.  It's nice that we don't have to feed you at exactly the same time every day!  You're finally getting a little bit of wiggle room in your schedule.
You go through milk like a champ. :)  You drink about half almond milk and half whole cow's milk now...probably 3-4 total cups a day.  We're starting to get more and more water into your day too, and lower the milk just a little.
You love anything carby, broccoli, turkey bacon, crackers ("cah-cuhs"), bananas, and eggs.  You're really getting a sweet tooth!  You had cake Saturday and LOVED it.  And, you love to steal food off of Mommy and Daddy's plates. :)


Big pretty blue eyes!  We get comments on them everywhere we go.

And your baby mullet just keeps getting better. :)  Your hair in the back is probably 2-3 inches long, with almost none on the top.  It's so funny when it gets curly!

You have so much we were able to put it in pigtails a few nights ago.  I DIE.

It's a really pretty sandy blonde color.

Nighttime is still go to sleep 7:15-7:30, and usually sleep until about 8.  Daytime naps are still take a great one in the morning (about an hour and a half), and I can usually get you to take a decent afternoon one if we wait awhile (at least 3 hours) between naps.  I'm going to start waking you up earlier to help with that too.

Fun Stuff:
You are SO chatty now!  You "talk" to yourself all the time now...I wish I knew what you were saying.  I can make some words addition to these, you've also started saying "baa do" (bless you) and  "ha dae" (Happy Birthday).
You absolutely love being outside.  We've been spending a lot of time outdoors - walking, playing in your outside house, using sidewalk chalk on the driveway.  I wish this weather would just stay put!
Tantrums have started.  I'm ignoring (like everyone tells me to), but you can be one stubborn child.  Most of the time it's because I won't give you some sort of food or I won't pick you up.
You have two of your four 1-year molars!  It's the top and bottom on the left...I'm not sure why they came in in that order.  I think the other two are cutting soon - your sleep has been a little off and you haven't been in the best mood today.
 Your favorite toy is the big cardboard box your playhouse came in - seriously.  I have this huge, tacky box in the middle of my living room because you LOVE it and I can't think of throwing it away.  You'll run in there if we're trying to change you or you're hiding from Daddy.
 You love to tell us when Hardy needs to go soon as he scratches on the door, if you hear it, you find one of us and start screaming "GAH!!" (your word for outside) until we let him out.
You can tell us what a ducky says now (cak cak) and what a sheep says sometimes (baaaa).

You've stayed in the church nursery twice now!  The first time was a little bit of a disaster - you made it about 15 minutes before having a meltdown.  Yesterday went much better though!  You made it the whole time, and only got upset a couple of times.  I want you to like it SO much - I think you're starting to!
You are the light of our lives, sweet Monkey Moo!  We love you so much!
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