Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First Birthday in iPhone Pictures

Most of the picture I took yesterday were from my phone! If y'all follow me in instagram, you've probably already seen most of these...sorry for double-posting. 
Here's the birthday girl right after we woke her up!  Check out that sleepy smile.  Noah was able to work from home yesterday morning so he could spend some time with her.  We both woke her up by singing "Happy Birthday!"
The birthday girl got to have cake for breakfast.  In all honesty, she had about 3 bites of cake and wanted Cheerios instead.  That girl...
Daddy and I took her out for a special birthday lunch!  This picture is super blurry, but I think that is just the cutest grin.
She loved chicken fingers and fries!  Coleslaw? Not so much...she spit it in my hand.  Nice "mommy moment" in the middle of the restaurant.
All three of us after we ate!  How cute is her expression?
Daddy did finally go into's Emma Ramey making a bee-line for the door once I told her that Daddy was home.
It was just warm enough to play in her new playhouse from the grandparents this afternoon!  Notice the Hardy photobomb.  She smiled the whole time she was in there.
I'd say she had a pretty good day!