Friday, March 29, 2013

12 Months

I never got a chance to do a 12 month post for Emma Ramey! I'm super sad that this is the last one. I will probably do every few months from here on out.
Emma Ramey, here's what you're up to at 1 year!

  You are 25.6 the 95th percentile!  That might be a little much though - I weighed you right after lunch.  But still my big girl!

Apparently you shrunk this month?  Or either Mommy is just not very good at measuring how tall you are.  You were 29.5" tall - in the 57th percentile.

Clothing Size:
You are completely in 18 month clothes now!  I can get away with putting you in the occasional 24 month outfit.  It's been really cold, so I've had to keep a few of your 12 month outfits out too that are a little bit warmer...but they are a tight squeeze!
I'm pretty sure you're in a size 5 shoe.  I tried a size 4 on this morning and it wouldn't fit...but size 6 is a little big still.

Very much in size 4's.  You still go through about 5 a day.

You are still eating 4 times a day...breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a nighttime bottle.  We're going to try to start phasing out the bottle soon though.  You eat pretty much anything we eat at this point!  Your favorites are bananas, Cheerios, Puffs, and broccoli.
You're on half formula, half whole milk now.  We're going to try to phase the formula out in the next week or so though (my bank account rejoices!).  


Eyes are still pretty and blue!  We get compliments on them all the time.
Your baby mullet is getting a little out of control.  We keep joking that we're going to have to get just the back of your head cut! :)  But it's a very pretty dirty blonde color.

It's been great!  We've had a little break from teething, so it's pretty much back to normal.  You take 2 hour and a half naps a day...if I let you sleep too long in the morning, you won't take the afternoon one though.  You wake up about 7:30 and go to sleep about 7 now.

Fun Stuff:
-You are a full-on walker now!  You are almost running sometimes.
-You want to talk sooo much.  You jabber to yourself all the time.  You have a few words - Daddy, bye bye, car (which means outside), hey, thanks, and Ha (Hardy).
-You are so giggly!  The most random things will make you laugh - it is funny.
-You are SO determined.  If you want something, you're going to have it.  I foresee a few problems with this in the future. :)
-You have started really loving books.  You'll get out picture books and have me flip through them and show you pictures.  You LOVE hearing me read "Brown Bear Brown Bear!"
-Your favorite toys are your photo album, your bouncing Tigger, your picnic basket, and your rattles...if we tell you to shake it, you go crazy with it. :)

-You love to dance!  You'll sway back and forth if we tell you to dance, and you'll bounce up and down if we tell you to bounce.

-You love clothes.  If I pick you out an outfit to wear for the day, you have to see it and you'll just smile and smile when I hand it to you.

-You are still such a daredevil.  You love throwing yourself backwards and when Daddy flips you over his shoulder.  Again, I foresee problems with this in the future.

-I'm beginning to wonder if you'll be into gymnastics.  You constantly put your hands, head, and feet on the ground, almost like you're about to flip over.  If I hold onto your hands, you'll flip backwards off of my lap!

-You've started snuggling (finally)!  Especially if you're sleepy, you'll put your head down on my shoulder.  It's so sweet!

-You will hug your baby dolls for just a second. :)  If we tell you to love them, you'll put them on your shoulder and put your head on them.

-You love Hardy's bed for some reason.  You always take a toy over there and sit and look out the funny!
-Hardy is your buddy!  If we come home and I say something about Hardy before we walk in the door, you just light up.  You love to chase him around and "pet" him (which is pretty much just smacking him in the face).


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