Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Ways to Make Money With Apps/Websites!

I've added a couple of new apps/websites since my last post, and wanted to update my list of ways I make money on my smartphone or online!
This is my old stand-by in the money-making department.  It's so easy to earn with Swagbucks - you can use it as a search engine (it's as easy as Google, I promise!), watch videos, and even print coupons all to earn money!  The printing coupons is my favorite way to earn with Swagbucks - you get roughly 10 cents each time you print/redeem one.
This is how I keep my Amazon account stocked!  I can't remember the last time I "paid" for something on Amazon, and Swagbucks is a big part of that. 
If you're not using Ebates, DO IT.  If you shop online you are throwing money away not to use it!  It's easy - if you're shopping online, go to their site first, type in the site you want to shop, and click their link to go to that site.  That's it!  They give a percent cash back on your purchase to almost every online store you can imagine. 
I love the idea of this website!  It is in a format similar to ebates, but donates a healthy meal to a malnourished child for each purchase.  It is also a great source of coupons and special offers for thousands of stores!  This is a great socially-responsible alternative to ebates.

Shop at Home

Shop at Home is very similar to Ebates - you go to the site, click through their link to go shopping, and get a rebate on your item at many stores!  I don't use it as much because it doesn't have quite as many stores as Ebates, but I do check it when Ebates doesn't have a store (or I'll check to see which one has the better cash back rate).

MyPoints (email me if you'd like an invitation!)

MyPoints is another old stand-by - I'm not sure I've talked about it in awhile though!  There are lots of different ways you can earn with MyPoints, but I typically use their emails to earn.  They send emails, and if you click the link, you get points - easy peasy!  You can also use it to print coupons, answer survey questions, and lots of other options to earn points.  It has one of the best gift card redemption selections I've seen!


If you like being on shopper's panels and giving companies insights into what consumers want, this is the way to go!  You can answer very easy questions on this site to earn.  I'm not a big survey taker, but this is SO easy - I promise!  You can also be on discussion panels and earn even more!  I also use Crowdtap to keep my Amazon account stocked.


Influenster doesn't necessarily pay for you to use it, but you do get the opportunity to get fun products to review and share!  You sign up, give reviews, and discuss your favorite products.  You're really doing it to share things you love (or hate) with a community...getting items to review and share is just a perk!
Apps (It might be best to open this on your phone - most of my links take you straight to download the app!)
This is an interesting one!  It's basically just rebates you can redeem after you purchase something at a participating grocery or drug store.  Once you buy it, you take a picture of your receipt, it verifies, and adds the money to your account!
Checkpoints has always been fun to me.  Remember the show "Supermarket Sweep?"  It's kind of like playing that in the grocery store!  You look for special items, scan them, and it gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards!  I've gotten 300-400 points each time I've gone to the grocery store over the past few weeks.
 Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is super easy - all you do is take a picture of your grocery receipt!  Once again, you get coins you can trade in for gift cards.


I'll be honest - Viggle and I have a love/hate relationship.  When it first started about a year ago, they gave a TON of points.  I'm talking, when I was at home before Emma Ramey was born and had nothing to do, I would earn like $50 a day some days.  But, like most other apps, the point values and opportunities went way down.

That being said, you do still get paid to watch TV!  You check in with a Shazzam-like speaker detection that can tell what you're watching...pretty cool!  You're getting paid about a penny every 20 minutes with doesn't sound like a lot, but if you stay checked in all day, it adds up.