Friday, February 15, 2013

My Two Valentines

Just like most every other year, we had a Valentine's Day at home. We're not big on the crowds on Valentine's night, so we always celebrate the weekend before or after.  It wasn't anything special to anyone else, but it was a great day!
Yesterday morning, we made Daddy's Valentine's Day present!  Noah and I had a $1 limit on our presents this year, so I made his favorite - lemon cake pops.  
Emma Ramey made Daddy a card!
We had a pretty nice spread going by the time he got home from work. 
Emma Ramey rocked her Valentine's Day bib...
...her tutu (that she loved as much as we did)...
...and, in the biggest development of the day, STARTED WALKING!!!
We were sitting on the floor yesterday afternoon, and she just decided she was going to take 4 steps to me, out of nowhere!  I started screaming, I'm sure she thought I was crazy. :) I stood her up a few more times and she walked again...she even showed it off to Daddy when he got home and the grandparents!
After showing off her new skills, we opened presents!
I'm pretty sure she liked the balloon more than the actual toy.
After Emma Ramey went to bed, I made Noah his favorite dinner - breakfast!  We had heart shaped pancakes, my sad attempt at heart shaped bacon, and eggs.
And don't worry about Hardy, he had a good Valentine's Day too...those empty sticks are his doing.  He climbed on the table and had 8 (by our count) cake pops.  Little stinker.
 We had a fantastic day celebrating our first Valentine's with this sweet girl!