Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Details Update

Life is same ol', same ol' right now. Nothing special - but, just for my memory's sake, I wanted to give a few updates!

-First birthday planning is in full swing!  It's basically what I'm doing with every spare second I have - ordering, making, planning, to-do-listing, envisioning.  There is a LOT that goes into a birthday party - I had no clue.  I'm trying to plan as much as I can right now so I'm not freaking out the week of the party.

-We got this pool, thinking we could fill it with balls for the birthday party for a ball pit.  Umm...wrong.  It is HUGE.  But, the good news is we can use it as an actual pool this summer, and we have a makeshift playpen for the time being.  (You would hope I was kidding, but she LOVES it.  She would crawl to it all weekend and beg us to put her in it.)

-This child?  In two piece jammies as of Sunday night.  Time - SLOW IT ON DOWN.
-We're also trying the amber teething necklace.  I know a lot of people laugh at it and call it silly, but y'all, I think it works!  She rarely fusses when if she's been wearing it.  I'm not usually into these kinds of things, but if it keeps me from shoving Tylenol down my child's throat all the time, I'm in.
-She's doing pretty well in the walking department!  Not really traveling anywhere big on her own yet, but she LOVES to take a few steps to me and fall in my arms. 
- My girl and her handsome daddy at a party for her friend Colton this weekend. I love these two. :)
-I have gotten this itch to get my house organized over the past few days.  I'm nesting a year late. :) Something about clutter is just getting under my skin.  I have a feeling Pinterest and I are going to have a few date nights here soon.
-And on the nesting a year late note, this is what I looked like a year ago this week. 
 I was a WHALE.  But I did have like a 9 pound baby in there at that point...and that's what your body is supposed to do.  It really is a miracle! 
But no, in case you were wondering, I'm not looking to make my body into that miracle again anytime soon. :)
-Like the new blog look?  It's hardly different, I just saw a really pretty color palette a few days ago and kind of ran with it!  I'm flighty like that.
-We are slowly transitioning into Emma Ramey just eating everything we eat.  She had veggie beef soup with us this weekend...she almost cleaned her plate both times she ate it!  She can be a bottomless pit, but I am very thankful for a baby with a great, non-picky appetite.