Monday, February 4, 2013

Home Improvement

We've definitely had a work weekend!

About a year ago, we changed the carpet in our living room to hardwood.  Well, we got a little busy after that - the whole having a baby and taking care of a newborn thing - and never finished it on the walls and at the doors.
We finally got around to it this weekend!
This is what it looked like before - rough edges and a gap where you could see our foundation.  Gross.
This is what we did on areas that met the tile. We found the grout that was originally used on our tile, so we just grouted in between!  It was even in a caulk gun so it was really easy to do.  I think it turned out great!
This is what we did where the hardwood met the carpet (ignore the needs-to-be-cleaned carpet).  This might look easy, but apparently you have to have the gap just-so.  It took Noah and his dad all weekend to put 3 of these in!
We're not quite done with every gap, but it looks SO much better!  Next on the list is the quarter round that goes around the walls.  It should be done in the next few weeks.
While they were busy with that, this was my project.  If you've read this blog for awhile, you might remember when we changed the rocks in the flowerbeds to mulch.  The only problem with the mulch is that it CONSTANTLY fell out, and needed a border.
I've loved the way this rock looks as border, so we put it in!  I think it adds SO much to the front of the house.
I feel like we got SO much accomplished this weekend!  There's still a lot to do in the next couple of months, but this is progress.
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