Tuesday, February 26, 2013

11 Months

Emma Ramey,

Eleven months! This is it. Next month, you'll be a YEAR old!

I'm not going to lie, I was dreading this one a little. I don't want my baby to grow up. But I absolutely adore watching you grow and seeing all of the new things you're learning.   You change a little bit more every day, and I'm just trying to savor every second of it.
Here's what you're up to!

 You are 23.8 pounds this month...right at the 90th percentile.  I think your sickies the past week or so haven't helped this number - you haven't had much of an appetite.

Exactly 30 inches...in the 85th percentile!

Clothing Size:
We are almost all the way switched over to 18 months.  All pajamas are 18 months now and most of your regular clothes are too.  Mommy wasn't quite planning on having a baby in 18 month clothes in the winter, so I'm still squeezing you into 12 month winter clothes for the next few weeks. :)

You are definitely in size 4's now.  You're going through 4-5 a day!

You eat 4 times a day...breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your night night bottle.  You are still taking about 8 ounces of formula at each feeding, and the first three you eat "real" food too.
You haven't been big on purees in the past week or so...only finger foods will do.  You're almost eating whatever Mommy and Daddy eat full time now.  You are the carb queen!  Anything carby (Cheerios, crackers, puffs) is your absolute favorite.   You'll pick it out of any fruits/veggies I give you.

Pretty blue eyes!  And, we are very thankful that your clogged tear duct looks like it resolved itself on its own...thank goodness, I was dreading a surgery!

You have the cutest baby mullet. :) It's coming in a darker blonde...just like your daddy had when he was a baby.

Hasn't been as good in the past couple of weeks, but you've been sick and teething.  You take about a 2 hour nap in the morning, and that's usually all I can get out of you.  You go to sleep at about 6:30 at night, and sleep until about 7:30 in the morning.  We've tried to push that bedtime back a little to see if it helps with your afternoon nap and you're not having it.

Fun Stuff:
-You are walking everywhere!  At first, it was only if we made you, but I've noticed you walking a few feet at a time on your own in the past week or so.  You can do it, you just don't want to. :)
-Everywhere you don't walk, you can crawl like a maniac.
-You will dance back and forth if we tell you do, and bounce up and down on command too!  You love dancing.
-You play peek-a-boo all the time!  Here you are playing it with a cell phone this morning. 
-You have 8 teeth - the front four on top and bottom.  That last one on the bottom is just now coming in, and you are NOT happy about it.
-I would say the past week or two is the first time you've been full-on sick.  It's just a cold, but it is not treating you well.  Fussy, runny nose, diaper rash...you name it, you've had it.
- Hardy is your best buddy.  You go up to him and pet him so sweetly. :)
-You love a cell phone, remote, or cord...Daddy and I are convinced it's because you're not supposed to have them.
-You know how to say "Bye Bye," "Hi," and we're pretty sure you know to say please when you want something.  You can also say Dada when you're in the mood.

-We call you our monkey, because you climb on EVERYTHING.
-You've learned how to hug!  You'll lay your head down on something when I ask if you love it.
-You still love the outdoors...if this crummy weather will ever cooperate, we're going to be outside a lot more!
-You are slowly figuring out books.  You know to hold them and open them, and I think you're figuring out that when I read it's associated with the book. 
-We tell you all the time how nosy you are. :) You have to check out everything.
-You love handing us something and asking for it back. 
We love you, little monkey!  ONE MORE MONTH!!