Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Thought Dump

Happy (rainy) Tuesday!
-There are talks of snow around here Thursday!  I can't tell y'all how exciting this is - I am borderline obsessed with snow, and I can't WAIT to show Emma Ramey snow for the first time!

-Well, I had planned on putting cute pictures of Emma Ramey looking out the window at the rain on this post - but my memory card won't read on my computer.  Cue freak out.  Thank goodness I had backed up most of my pictures from the card.  I've been thinking about getting an Eye Fi card anyway - so if this one goes kaput, that might be an option.
-We are in the middle of a little bit of an organization marathon around our house.  Very, VERY needed after Christmas.  I've got a fun post showing part of it tomorrow - how we're organizing Emma Ramey's play area!  The last bigger piece of it is coming in today, and I can't wait to get it.
-On that note - when you start organizing one part of your house, it gets out of control quickly and you want every.single.thing in your house organized.  I saw these kitchen organization gadgets on Zulily today and wanted to buy them all.  It's becoming an obsession.
-We are also starting a diet this week.  This is really the first time I've been able to diet in, oh, 2 years?  I was pregnant, then breastfeeding (and I was one of those that lost my milk supply if I cut like 100 calories).  I'm kind of excited about it!
-I *think* Emma Ramey might be working on tooth #7.  She has been a little fussier thank normal in the past day or two, and she's been kind of warm.  I can't get her to open her mouth, but I think I see a little white peeking through!
-It dawned on me last week that I've got to start planning my child's first birthday.  WHAT IN THE WORLD.  It is impossible that this is already happening. I have some fun ideas for it though!
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