Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

This girl has been on the go this weekend!
On Saturday, we went to the local farmer's market - her daddy's favorite.  We FINALLY broke out the big bows too! :)  This was her first time wearing the bigger ones.  I'm part happy/part sad that my baby is old enough for these.
She was in SUCH a happy/giggly mood all weekend!
On Saturday night, Emma Ramey stayed with the grandparents and we took a little road trip.  Noah had  an offer to one of the Montgomery casinos with a bunch of free credit, so we thought "why not?"  Classy date, I know. :) But it was fun - and we came back with much more money than we left with!
We had to make a pit stop at my absolute favorite BBQ place in the world on the way back - Jim's.  SO good!
Sunday, Emma Ramey and I got to meet a few blog friends!
Lauren and Jessie are two sweet girls I've "known" through blogs and twitter for was so nice to finally get to see them!  They were so much fun.
Today's been a holiday, so Daddy has been home with us all day!
Noah and I started Couch to 5K today.  Oh. My. Word.  Y'all - I didn't have a CLUE how out of shape I was.  But, I did finish the first day...I guess that's the hardest part!  Now I just have to keep doing it. :)
And this child? Has been licking windows.  Because apparently that's her new thing.
Happy Monday/MLK/Inauguration Day!