Wednesday, January 9, 2013

National Championship!

I bet y'all can guess - we had a fun night Monday night!
Our good friend Harrison had us over to his gameday house for the game.  It was great to get to see friends we only see during football season one more time!
We went armed with lots of toys and distractions for Emma Ramey - she actually did really well!  She wouldn't sleep, but stayed up and watched the game like a trooper.  She really didn't get fussy until the end...which was about 11:00!  I think that's the latest she's ever stayed up.
She absolutely ADORES Harrison's dog, Bryant.  They checked each other out all night!
While the adults watched the game, we barricaded her in the corner of the couch with toys...and she sat there most of the night.  I was SO surprised she wasn't into everything.
Of course, she did get visits from her buddy every once in awhile.

Needless to say, we liked the outcome of the game. :) We all got a big kick out of this - one of our friends that was there has a dad that does security for ESPN.  If you look at this shot, there he is - just to the right of Barrett Jones (the big football player)!  Kind of cool - not everyday you see your dad on national TV!

And, speaking of watching the game, have y'all seen this?  It's pretty cool, and yes, it's true - we found this part in our DVR'd version of the game and it really is there!

After the game, Emma Ramey and I went home, and Noah went out with friends for a little while longer.  These are such great friends he's had since college...they both live out of town, so he doesn't get to see them that often!
Such a fun night!  But, I will say, I'm glad to get back to a "normal schedule" around here.  It's like this every year we go to the national championship - you go from Christmas, to New Year's, to the game, and you feel kind of "celebrated out." First world problem, I know, but it will be nice to get everything back to normal for awhile!
But, with that being said, ROLL TIDE ROLL!! I wouldn't trade the last month we've had for anything!!