Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just Another Tuesday

Every once in awhile I like to do posts about our random, nothing-special days. Many of you might think this post is completely boring (it kind of is)...but these memories are so special to me and I want to be able to look back on this one day!

Here was our Tuesday...
8:00 - Wake Up...yes, all three of us.  Noah works from home a lot now, so he can go right to work when he wakes up, and Emma Ramey is such a fabulous sleeper, so we've gotten a little spoiled by being able to sleep on some days.  This doesn't happen every day - a lot of times, we wake up before Emma Ramey and get some things done around the house.  Not this day...just keepin' it real.
 8:10 - Noah's off to work, and I feed Emma Ramey breakfast - this day, she had carrots, potatoes, a couple of Puffs to buy Mommy some time to make a bottle :), and her normal 8oz bottle.
Hardy stood guard, as always.
8:30 - Change Emma Ramey and have playtime while I scarf down something for breakfast.
She loves her new play area!
I had to clean a couple of things in her room, and got my favorite baby doll from when I was little down for her while we were in there.  She LOVED it!  It absolutely melts my heart to see her love this. (Now we just need to work on baby holding skills. :))
10:00 - Emma Ramey goes down for a nap.  I sit down to answer emails and get a little bit of work done.
10:30 - Shower time, and I clean up the house a little.
12:00 - Emma Ramey's up!  Lunch time - Mommy and Daddy have chicken salad sandwiches, and Emma Ramey has oranges, chicken and rice baby food, and a couple of crackers (with her bottle).
12:30 - Change Emma Ramey and play!
Her new favorite thing is to stare out the makes me a little sad we can't go out much right's just so cold here.  (Come on Spring...we're starting to get cabin fever!)
1:00 - I get dressed and Emma Ramey and I head out!  I bought some clothes for Emma Ramey from a college friend of mine that we had to pick up, and we went a couple other places.
2:00 - We get home and have play time for a few minutes.  Daddy takes a break to play with us for a little bit!
3:00 - Emma Ramey is still going strong, and not looking like she want to nap - I tried putting her down anyway to see if she would sleep. I don't think she ever really went to sleep, but didn't really fuss...I have a policy that she stays in her crib for at least a rest time, whether she wants to nap or not.
During "rest time," I sit down and get blog design proofs done for the week...all 3 of them!  I'll call that a productive nap time. :)
4:30 - We finally concede to the fact that she isn't napping, and get her up.  And since she didn't nap?  She's a little grump.  Boo no nap Tuesday.
5:00 - Noah and I eat dinner - Cuban paninis.  Emma Ramey eats too - she had apples and blueberries with her bottle.
5:15 - We had somebody come pick up something else from the things we're trying to sell to clean out our garage...slowly but surely it's getting cleaned out!
5:30 - We have a little family playtime, and little miss's attitude goes down quickly.  She was just so tired!  We finally decided at about 6 she needed an early bedtime since she didn't nap that afternoon.
6:00 - Noah gives Emma Ramey her bottle, and I finish up/email out proofs.
7:30 - We're both exhausted for some reason!  Noah and I get in bed and watch a little bit of the Alabama/Kentucky game...amazingly, we won!  I was proud of my guys. 
As always, not a very interesting day, but one I'm going to want to remember one day. :)