Friday, January 18, 2013

A Thursday of Snow and Firsts

We had SUCH a fun day yesterday!

Yesterday was a day I've waited for for so long - Emma Ramey's first snow day!  I am a complete snow nerd, and absolutely love it.  I should probably live somewhere besides Alabama I love it so much. :) We didn't get much, but just enough for her to see it and play in it a little!

When the snow first started, we took her out for a few minutes to see it falling and touch it on cars.  She has always loved cold she was in love with the snow!  She smiled most of the time we were outside.
Our street is always so pretty when it snows. :)
Once the snow finally stopped, we took her outside to see it and play a little.  Can you tell how she felt about it?  (Look at those teeth!)
Such a ham!  And, side note - this was my hat when I was her age. :)
The snow didn't stick around for long...I'm pretty sure all of it was melted by the time the sun went down.  But it was fun for a few hours!
She had a couple of firsts yesterday too...this was her first time to have chicken!  She liked it - Hardy liked it better.  She's figured out she can feed him from her high chair, and LOVES it...Hardy is kind of fond of it too.  I need to put a few pictures of them doing it up here - it is hilarious!
Since we were playing in the snow, she also wore tennis shoes for the first time!
And not really a first - but I figured out tooth #7 is coming through yesterday.
It was a big day around here!