Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping Up Christmas

Our last Christmas celebration of the year was with my side of the family this weekend!

This might be one of my favorite Christmas outfits she had this year...because it used to be mine! :) I originally thought I wore it for my first Christmas, but my mom told me it was actually for my second...when I was 17 months old.  And my 9 month old is wearing it.  She definitely gets her size from the Lambert side of the family. :)

And don't be fooled by her wearing her bow so peacefully...she found it and ripped it off about 10 seconds after I took that first picture.  Girl needs to grow some hair up top so we can retire the headbands!

Our little family at my parents' house!  We figured out later that night that she was cutting two teeth AND had a cold at the same time, so she was a trooper to be so sweet that night!

With her Mimi and Poppa.

Let me just say that this girl is STOCKED in toys for a good long while.  So much that I've seriously considered just asking everyone to donate to a college fund or a charity for her first birthday.  It's insane how many toys/items one little person can have!

And of course, she had to show off her new skills.  That girl doesn't stay still for long at all now!

And don't worry...we didn't forget about Hardy.  We left his Christmas present here because we had so much to transport, but he got a present too.

...A new bed!  Hardy has taken it upon himself to sleep right smack in the middle of our bed, and push us throughout the night until he has enough space.  We both end up squished into about 3 feet of space each night.

Well no more.  Hardy WILL be sleeping on this now.

 He wasn't too sure about it at first.  He checked it out...

...and found it fit to sit on the corner.  That's how he's slept on it so far too.

Hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas week!  My year in review post will be up tomorrow. :)

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