Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa, Football, and Growing Up

I am super late posting this, but Emma Ramey got to meet Santa for the first time this past weekend!
We have a new farmer's market in our town that we've been meaning to visit for the longest time.  Noah heard that Santa would be there Saturday morning...we saw that as the perfect time to go!  
Our farmer's market is on the river, so we took a little walk before going in.  Emma Ramey loved looking at the water.
She loves anything outside.  It's a good thing the weather was nice this weekend.
I forgot to bring my nice camera (duh Leslie!), but there was a photographer there.  Here's the link to the pictures!  I just love how they turned out.  Now I've got to decide what to order!
We also bought a few things from local farmers.  Our favorite so far is goat cheese - just put it this way, we've already been through almost all of one of the packs.  Awesome!  We will be going back.  And, this way, we don't have to wait in the mall line to see Santa - win, win!
My parents kept Emma Ramey for a little bit that afternoon so we could do some Christmas shopping.  After that we went home to watch that NAIL BITER of a game - I was sweating it!  I won't get on my soapbox, but Georgia deserves to go to a BCS game - they are the real deal.  And yay - we're going to Miami (not us, at least I don't think so, but Alabama).  We're so excited!
Sunday, I made a big batch of baby food (I try to do it all at once, about once a month).  I was making apples and though I would leave a few pieces in chunks after I baked it.  We officially have a child that's eating whole foods!  She isn't too sure about the chunks...she likes playing with them more than eating them.  Oh well - it will just take time.  She eats them if I feed them to her though.
This is another picture I took of the grown-up girl last week - PULLING UP!  I don't know if I'm ready.  Please note my hand holding on to her for dear life.  I know I've got to give it up eventually, but after she fell when she was pulling up last week (and got a pretty gnarly bruise in the process), I'm paranoid.
And another sign that she's growing up - she has discovered the presents under the tree.  It took a week - I'm surprised it took her that long.  She was into them ALL afternoon Monday.  When that girl decides to crawl, she can travel, and fast!
I'm going to need time to slow down!
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