Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Randomness on 12-12-12

Happy 12-12-12! Apparently this is the last day like this our generation will ever see (unless we see a very old age).  There was a little boy on the Today Show this morning that turned 12 today, and was born at weird is that?? He was from Birmingham too!
A few random thoughts...
-We FINALLY have a little girl with a top tooth in this house!  Oh thank the Lord that tooth is through...last week was rough y'all.  People aren't kidding about eye teeth being bad.  She was up in the middle of the night screaming in pain most nights, and was whiny/fussy/screaming all day.  But, magically that tooth is through and she's back to her happy self!
-I love that Christmas cards are coming in!  I kind of feel like everyone is running late doing them this year - I know I was.  It was my Sunday project (so if you're expecting one from me, it's coming, I promise).  But my front table is already filling up!
-I am thiiis close to being done with Christmas shopping.  I think we have to buy for one more dog (we get little things for the animals in the family)...and I need to wrap a few more things, and I'm finished.  I said from the beginning I wanted to have nothing left to do and enjoy the last couple of weeks...we'll see if that happens!
-Speaking of being thiiis close...
...I'm pretty sure Emma Ramey's stocking is going to be the death of me.  Just be warned - if you ever want to do a cross-stitched stocking, start it a solid year in advance, because it takes a sweet forever to finish.  Not the month I've crammed the last half of the work into.  Sheesh.
-I'm seriously thinking about doing a no spend January.  We have groceries coming out of our ears and seriously need to thin our stock out.  I'm sure we'll get some restaurant gift cards for Christmas too.  Most of our costs that we can eliminate every month come from food, so I think we can do it!  Anybody done this before? Any tips?
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