Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the Style Council

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I had started using a website called Crowdtap.  Basically, it's a way for you to have a voice in many different product lines, and get paid for it!  I have loved using this site.  You can do everything from participate in moderated discussions about products, to answering questions about logos, to sampling products for lots of big companies.  I also get to earn gift cards for Amazon in the win!
Recently, I had the opportunity to sample and share an Old Navy sweater through Old Navy's Style Council!  The nice people at Old Navy sent me a coupon for a free sweater of my choice, and the same coupon to give to a friend. I have been "window shopping" some of their sweaters for a month or two, so I was so excited to head to the store and check them out!
And y'all - PLEASE ignore how dorky my poses look these pictures.  I clearly need to work on taking selfies. 
Women's Scoop-Neck Softest Sweater - This one was really cute!  I loved how they styled it with a chambray shirt underneath - so I tried that way too.
(My pose in this picture makes me feel like SUCH a nerd.  But I thought the sweater and shirt combo was cute!)
Softest Blanket-Wrap Cardi - this one was so cozy!  It would be great if you lived in a colder climate - it's just a little warm here right now for it.
Softest Boyfriend Cardi - LOVED this one!  It was very flattering and comfortable.
Ok, I couldn't find this one on their site, but it was cute!  I really grabbed the wrong size, so I wasn't wild about the way it fit, but that's my own fault.
In the end, I ended up going with the Boyfriend Cardi!  I am in love with the way it fits.  I got it in a neutral color so I can pair it with lots of different shirts/pants/accessories!
I gave my share coupon to my mom!  She ended up choosing the Lightweight Button-Shoulder Sweater.  Here's a picture of us from this weekend modeling our new loot.
A huge thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap for the opportunity!

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