Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Need a Good Gift Idea?

I am so excited to show you a great resource for the holidays today - BlogHer's Holiday Gift Guide Series! This is an excellent collection of guides that are written by contributors to the BlogHer community. This collection covers almost everything related to holiday giving that you can imagine!
I took some time yesterday browsing through this are a few of my favorites!
Holiday Gifts For the Family Pet - this collection of pet gifts includes gifts for many different kinds of four-legged friends. There are great ideas, many of which I have never even heard of. There is even an option for donating to the less fortunate animals - what a neat idea!

7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Teachers' Gifts this Holiday Season - As a teacher, I appreciated anything my kids gave me - every single thing (I mean it!) was special. These ideas are incredible! This guide gives a few unique ideas to give teachers...some of which don't cost a dime. Reading through this article, I don't see one thing that I wouldn't have loved to receive!

Six Great Edible Hostess Gifts - I always struggle with what to give a hostess during the holidays, so it is nice to have several fun ideas all in one place. These are great, easy to make ideas that would leave a lasting impression on any hostess.
And there is PLENTY more where that came from! BlogHer's Holiday Gift Guide Series is
a go-to if you are giving any gifts this year. Check it out!
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