Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Fun From Influenster

A few months back, I found a fun website called Influenster. The premise of it is pretty simple - you share your love of products with others through social media.  In turn, you receive fun rewards and items to try out.  Cool idea!
Over the past few weeks, I've received a couple of things from Influenster I thought I'd share!
My first box was a Golden Gift from Ferrero Rocher.  This was filled with AWESOME hazelnut truffles. They were a perfect snack while I wrapped presents this year!
Ferrero Rocher also has the opportunity to send a Golden Gift on facebook and enter for your chance to win an 18 piece gift box of your own...go check it out! 
Just this past week, I received my first full-on box from Influenster - The Holiday VoxBox!  It has all kinds of fun items in it.  Here's what I thought of each...

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal

This was probably the best pre-packaged oatmeal I've ever had!  The flavor I received was Peach Almond.  There was peach and almond, along with whole-grain oats, rye, barley, and wheat, mixed throughout.  SO good, and you can fix it on the go!

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine

I have heard a lot about NYC makeup lately - it's supposed to be a great quality for the price.  This didn't disappoint!  The color I received was very neutral, which I like for lip color.  It stayed on for a long time and didn't get gunky like some lip glosses can.  I would definitely repurchase!

Kiss Nail Dress

Ok, this one was kind of fun. These are peel-and-stick (but not in a bad way) nail colors that last for up to a week.  You can even take it off without polish remover! I had a friend that tried these and had a great, professional-looking manicure after 4 or 5 days of wear.  I would have never known it wasn't polish!

I got a fun black with gold sparkles design.  Perfect for new years or another fun, festive holiday!

EBOOST Energy Drink

EBOOST is a drink that boosts your mood, focus, and immunity without a crash.  It contains all natural ingredients.

The flavor I had was wild strawberry.  It has just a little bit of carbonation, and was the most fun, Barbie pink color of any drink I think I've ever had. :)  I didn't notice a huge boost in energy, but I did seem more awake and aware after I drank it, and the flavor was delicious.

Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush

This was the item I was most excited about in this set!  This brush has microfiber bristles that help your hair dry kind of soaks the water out of your hair.  I wanted one of these before I ever found out it was in this box!

I LOVE it!  It is my favorite thing in the whole box.  And it really does work - it won't completely dry your hair, but it does help it dry faster!

Sole Society $25 off coupon

This site is packed with shoes that aren't terribly expensive!  I've already spotted a few that I like.  I haven't ordered yet, but I'm excited to use this one soon!
Try this site out - such an awesome idea and website.

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Influenster provided the items mentioned above for sampling. All opinions are my own. This post falls under my link/review disclaimers.