Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Emma Ramey's New Trick

So yesterday I posted about our weekend - there was one more fun detail to it though...
Emma Ramey is officially a stander - all by herself!
Sunday morning, I stayed in the hotel room with Emma Ramey while the rest of the family went to breakfast so she could nap.  She's not big on napping in unfamiliar places.  Usually, she either cries or plays in the pack n play the whole time.  She HAS to nap though or she is just in the worst mood - so I was going to let her cry it out for a few minutes and see if maybe that would put her to sleep.
So I'm doing my best to ignore her for a few minutes (which is hard anyway, and is REALLY hard when you're like 10 feet from her).  I look over at one point and see this...
The child eventually pulled herself into a full-out stand!
Doesn't she look so proud of herself?  I was a proud mommy too.
Needless to say, she didn't nap that morning (and was in a funky mood the rest of the day too).  But it was worth it - I love all these fun new milestones!

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