Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Weekend 2012

We've been with Noah's family for Christmas for about the past week! We left last Wednesday night and got back yesterday. It was a busy week, but so much fun!
Here are a few (kind of random) pictures from our weekend. :)
As soon as we got to Noah's parent's house, this little girl started doing this - just out of nowhere!  Keep in mind she only started pulling up about 2 weeks ago.  She's done it a few times since!
This was Emma Ramey's first time in a swing.  My little daredevil loved it!
Emma Ramey and her cousin Avery are about a year apart.  It was so much fun to see them interacting with each other, and see what Emma Ramey is going to be like this time next year.
 This is about as good as it got of pictures of the two of them.  They are on the move!  This was at our first Christmas, Saturday night, with Noah's mom's side of the family.
 Emma Ramey and her cousin stayed with Noah's parents Sunday night - Noah, his brothers, our sister and law, and I went to Biloxi for the night!  It was great to get out, and the grandparents loved keeping having those babies all to themselves.
On Monday, we all went to church's kind of our tradition when we're all there for Christmas Eve.  Emma Ramey was long as she had something to play with. :) She loved the music!
I loved seeing this little girl all dressed up in Christmas clothes!  
Our little family, right before we left for church.
As soon as we got home, this little girl went to bed...Santa had to come!  The adults opened presents before he got there though.
I CANNOT tell y'all how excited I was for Noah's present.  I NEVER EVER can keep it a secret from him...he's that person that always guesses like 3 weeks early.  But he didn't get it this year!  He gets to pick which grill on that piece of paper he wants.  He was so excited, and so was I!  He gave me a very pretty pair of diamond earrings. :)
We stayed up just long enough to help Santa put out presents!  He was very good to 2 little girls.
Emma Ramey's loot!  I think Santa was pretty good to good that we saved back a few presents I was going to give her for her birthday.  Just TOO much at once!

This is the little sleepy-eyed girl when she woke up Christmas morning!
She had a BLAST...and so did we.  This was just such a fun Christmas!
Of course, both girls were into each other's toys...which is ok, but was funny to watch. :)  
This was a good chunk of the morning...Avery pushing Emma Ramey in their cars!  I don't think my child knew what to think.
We hope y'all had as great of a Christmas as we did!

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