Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Weekend #1


We have family all over the place now - which I'm not used to. I grew up in the same town as both of my sets of grandparents, so traveling for Christmas is new to me - especially with a baby!

Because we have family all over the place, we're having a few Christmas weekends this year - which is ok with me!  Weekend #1 was this past weekend.
This beautiful girl had a great time.  We haven't done much traveling with her, so I was a little nervous about it (we were 4 hours away from home).  She did great though!  She napped a little bit in the car (which she NEVER does) and was generally content to travel.  Let's hope that holds up this week too!
We got to open her first Christmas presents!  If the child opens no more presents, we are still more than set on toys and clothes for her.  This house is going to be busting at the seams this time two weeks from now. :)

Her favorite present was this phone - it kept her content pretty much the whole weekend (and still is - she played with it this morning too!).

She also loved a puzzle she got - mainly because she could chew on the pieces.  Here she is cheezing at her daddy!

Emma Ramey got to meet the whole Lambert side of the family this weekend - most of which she had never seen!  This was the last time we saw this side of the family - Thanksgiving last year.  It's crazy to think that Emma Ramey was there too!

I HATE I didn't get a picture of Emma Ramey with Noah's grandmother...this was their first time meeting.  I love that she still has 4 great grandmothers to love on her!

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