Monday, December 10, 2012

Anniversary Weekend in Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our weekend! 
We had to run to the mall on Thursday night anyway, so we thought, "why not?  We'll go see mall Santa!" We have already seen Santa, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to do the mall Santa thing.  We just had to mess with a good thing, didn't we?
This was the best picture we got.  Emma Ramey's mood deteriorated pretty quickly after this.  I'm that mom that put a sleepy, teething baby on Santa's lap.
She took one look at him...
...and did this.  It was bad.  Needless to say, we didn't buy the pictures.
Noah decided to take Friday off.  I was able to sleep in Friday morning, and woke up to this!
This girl stayed with the grandparents Friday night, while Noah and I went to Birmingham to celebrate our anniversary!
We had sushi and Starbucks (not together, obviously).  It was a fun night!
I also got this beauty for my anniversary present.  I am OBSESSED.  There are 3 billion tutorials on youtube for how to use it too!
On Saturday, we had a little bit of shopping to do.  Emma Ramey got to experience Toys R Us for the first time!  We only get one year that we can do her Christmas shopping with her there - we are taking full advantage of it.
Since our "official" anniversary was Saturday night, I made Noah one of his favorites - pad thai!  I had never tried it before, but it was amazingly easy.  I used this recipe!
We had a great weekend - hope y'all did too!
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