Friday, December 28, 2012

9 Months

(Sorry - this post is a couple of days late because of Christmas!)

Happy 9 month birthday to you, Emma Ramey!

I can't believe we're almost to a year...where has the time gone?  We were just saying yesterday that you are quickly becoming a toddler and leaving the baby stage.  I can't believe it's already happening!

Here's what you've been up to....

You are at 22.2 pounds as of yesterday - in the 91st percentile still!


I thought you hadn't grown much, but I was're 29 3/4 inches, which is in the 96th percentile!

Clothing Size:
  Very much in 12 month clothes now.  I'm kind of hoping those hold out for awhile - you are WELL stocked in that size, and we don't have many winter clothes in 18 months, because we weren't expecting to have a baby in 18 month size this winter. :)

  You are in size 4's now!  They are perfect.  We will sneak in a leftover size 3 every once in awhile if we know you're not going to do anything major to it.

You eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal those, you have around 4 ounces of a fruit or veggie and an 8oz bottle.  You also have a nighttime bottle right before you go to's 8oz too.  

You still like veggies more than fruits, but you're warming up to fruits a little bit more.

I've been trying to give you finger foods at least 1 or 2 meals a day.  You've had steamed broccoli, apples, cauliflower, banana, and avocado.  You are obsessed with Gerber Crunchies and Puffs...I'm pretty sure you would eat the whole can if we let you.  And you even tried a Ritz Cracker yesterday loved it!

You are slowly getting hair...slowly.  You have a tiny bit in the back and none up top...your daddy calls it a skullet. :) But it's coming in dark blonde.
You have such pretty blue eyes!  We're a little concerned about a clogged tear duct you've had since birth.  Our doctor told us that if it was still there at 9 months, we'd do something about it, and sure enough it that's something we'll be talking to her about next week.  Daddy and I are pretty sure you're going to have to have something done about it because it stays gunky.  Hopefully we can fix it soon!

Your bedtime is at 6:30-7:30 now, just depending on when you get sleepy.  You've been sleeping through the night unless you're teething...then you usually wake up once or twice, but not for very long if we just let you go back to sleep on your own.  You usually wake up 7-8 in the morning, but sometimes you sleep later.
You've been taking AWESOME naps during the day!  I'm pretty sure it's just because we've been so busy and you're worn out.  You usually take a 2-3 hour nap in the morning and 1-2 hour in the afternoon.  Mommy is lucky!

Fun Stuff:
-You are into EVERYTHING!  Everything.  You can crawl so fast now, and if I take my eyes off of you for 2 minutes, you'll have something that you're usually not supposed to have. :)
-You've just started pulling up!  You are pretty good at getting yourself to standing, and you can get yourself back down too.  You love "walking" along the couch or the coffee table if you're holding on!
-We've seen you take a step or two out of your Anywhere Chair to us a couple of times! 
-You love to babble.  You will imitate our sounds now, and you say "Dada," "Mama," "Nana," and something that kind of sounds like "Bye Bye."  You say it whenever you're waving, so I know you're associating it to that!
-The days of wearing bows (peacefully) are long gone.  We're lucky if you make it 3 minutes with one on now.  I'm not giving up though!
-You have 4 teeth, and I wouldn't be surprised if you had #5 in the next couple of is so close to coming through.  You already have your two bottom middle teeth, your top left middle, and the one to the left of that.  The top right middle is just about to come through!
-You love rocking back and a matter of fact, every time we put you in your anywhere chair, you do just that. :) We've had to put it up against a wall so you don't fall over in it.  You love to hold my hands while you're standing and rock back and forth!
-You will dance if we turn music on now.
-You love playing Peek-a-Boo!
-You still love to clap and wave.  We're working on blowing kisses, but so far, you just smile at us if we do it to you.  You will give us high fives too!
-You have discovered your feet, and love chewing on them.  You love chewing on anything you can get in your mouth for that matter.
-If you don't like food, you will blow it right back to us.  And it gets EVERYWHERE.  It's funny, but I try not to laugh so it doesn't encourage you to do it.  But it is hilarious!
-You loved your first Christmas!  And you are WELL stocked on toys and clothes are a lucky little girl!
And just in case anybody wondered whether my baby was growing up or not...

...I'm going to need somebody to make that stop asap.

Happy 9 months, sweet baby girl!

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