Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Pictures (and a Crawling Video!)

Here are a few pictures from our weekend! 
 Emma Ramey playing before her grandparents got here on Friday!  Noah's parents came up for the night to keep Emma Ramey and give us a date night.
We went to Hokkaido.  This is one of the restaurants that was completely destroyed in the tornado, and it just rebuilt/reopened a couple of weeks ago.  It was just as good as I remembered it!
Of course, Saturday was the big game!  Emma Ramey didn't quite make it to a 7:00 kickoff, but she watched football with Daddy the rest of the day.  She LOVES football - and it's funny - if they mention Alabama she will stop and look at the tv, every time!
These are not the best quality pictures...but this child has been a clapping FOOL this weekend.  She is just so entertained by it.  And she's learned "high five"...if you hold your hand out and tell her to high five, she will put it between her hands and clap! 
We have had a very VERY low-key couple of days...we stayed in our PJ's all day yesterday, and most of the day today.  It's nice to stay home and fix a big pot of chili sometimes, especially when it's getting cold outside!
Look at that tongue.  She is amazed by how her tooth feels, and keeps her tongue out now. :)
And speaking of tooth - I finally got a picture of it today!  It's not that spit bubble on her lip, but right above it.  And it's DEFINITELY been cutting through - I see what everybody is talking about with this teething business now.
I realized today I hadn't posted a video of her crawling yet!  This is one I got last week.