Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl Weekend

Our girl's first Thanksgiving/Iron Bowl weekend was fantastic!
My dad has an old family farmhouse a few miles from here where we do a lot of family gatherings.  That's where we had Thanksgiving this year.  I didn't realize it until Thursday - Emma Ramey was the 5th generation of our family to be in that house!  This is all of my immediate family that day.
We also got to spend some time with Uncle Clint.  My brother lives out of town, and has only seen Emma Ramey a handful of times.  They are so sweet together - he loves her!
After stuffing our face, we changed clothes to get some Christmas card pictures for the grandparents.
Tell me she doesn't know how to work a camera. :)
 My little family!
I love this picture!  My grandmother loves, LOVES Emma Ramey.  They both just light up when they are around each other!
Saturday, Emma Ramey stayed with my parents while we went to the tailgate party at a friend's house.  Of course she still had to wear her gameday best!
She looks so thrilled in this picture, doesn't she? :) She goes into these blank daydreaming stares sometimes, just like her Daddy.  I call it the "Lambert stare."
Our brunch spread!  Everything was SO good.
It was our friend Dana's birthday, and her son bought her these cupcakes/cookies as part of her birthday present.  How CUTE are the yellow hammer cookies??
With my guy!
It was a busy, but fun week!  Hope y'all have a great Tuesday - the rest of my day is dedicated to getting this house Christmas-ified!