Friday, November 2, 2012

Sponsor Love - November

Happy Friday! 
 I wanted to take a minute and thank my fabulous sponsors for the month of November! There are a few new friends in the mix this month. 
Way Cool Designs 
 I've talked about Way Cool Designs' selection of baby books before, which is awesome.  But they also have great photo albums that would be perfect for this time of the year!  And I can tell you from experience that these books are SUCH a great quality for a great price.
I did a full review on Way Cool Designs a few weeks can see it here.  And here is Way Cool Designs' full site!
Rodan and Fields - Melanie Gould
This is a fabulous product that I would highly recommend if you're in need of a quality skin care regimen!  Melanie has just been fabulous to work with.  Not only has she introduced me to Rodan and Fields' skin care line, but she has been kind enough to do 2 giveaways on the blog. 
Melanie also wanted to let y'all know she is recruiting for her team!  Here's what she had to say...
"Our team is expanding and growing! We are recruiting in the San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston area, DC, Seattle, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama. If you or anyone you know might be interested in more info please contact me at There are meetings in these areas and you can pop in hassle free to see what this opportunity is all about.

This business is designed to be worked alongside a busy schedule - while making connections in your every day life. We are offering $100 cash on the spot for Partner Referrals! I am only on month 4 with Rodan + Fields and I was able to purchase a brand new Highlander with my Rodan paychecks!! Such a blessing to our family! All you need for this business is to be able to wash your face and tell people about it! :)"
Melanie also wanted me to let you know that she is offering 15% off preferred customer orders this month (that's in addition to 10% off the regimen, plus free shipping), and she's throwing in a week's worth of Night and Lip serum with that order this month too!  You can email her for more info.
I always get excited to check out the new treats that tookies has!  They have a lot of seasonal, fun treats right now, like...
Heavenly Hot Chocolate and Cream Cookie-Wiches
Perfectly Pumpkin Cookie-Wiches
Merrie Mint Chocolate Ooey Gooey Brownie Cookie-Wiches 
And there's more where that came from. :)  
Here's what Tookies had to say this month!
Tookies - gourmet jar cakes. gourmet marshmallows. gourmet cookie-wiches. always 100% handmade in America. tookies, small family-owned business-- you count on every tookies order to include handmade tookies in small batches, hand-wrapped, hand-rolled, hand-whipped, hand-packaged, hand-cut, hand-stamped, and always topped off with a hand-written note. always. tookies is also a military family, devoted to shipping tookies around the world to military members serving abroad at no cost to apo/fpo addys. inquire within. Especially for Lambert's Lately followers, take 15% OFF your entire Tookies order, use code "LAMBERTSLATELY15" at checkout.
Click here to see the rest of their sweet treats!
Believing Boldly

Believing Boldly is a new sponsor this month!  This is a great blog about a mom and her journey with 2 (almost 3!) babies!  She has great printables, fun ideas, and wonderful stories that I think a lot of moms could relate to.  And I did the design for it too! :)

Summer Jo has also just started a link-up for moms needing to sell a few clothes.  You can see Summer Jo's site here!

Scentsy - Erin Motes

I've told y'all before - Erin has me absolutely addicted to Scentsy!  This is such a great product with SO many options to make it your own.  As a matter of fact, I have Christmas Cottage burning right now.  There are lots of holiday-themed favorite!
Erin is such a great consultant to work with too.  She has helped me with everything from figuring out which scent would be right for us, to customizing an order to exactly what I need.  I just love working with her!
You can see Erin's site here!
Aimee's World
Aimee's World is another blog I'm so excited to add to the sponsor line-up this month!  It seems like Aimee and I have a lot in common, including a love of make-up and changing our college major a few times. :)
Aimee is just so witty and funny...this is a great read!  Click here to get to her blog.

My Vickilicious Life

 Vickilicious is another new (and great!) blog on the Lamberts Lately line-up this month!  Vicki is another girl after my own heart - she does a weekly "Nail Files" link-up to show off your latest nail styles - how fun!  (And the blog designer in my LOVES her look!)
You can see Vickilicious here!

This is the blog version of Tookies, my sponsor I mentioned above!  It is a great and inspiring site.  I think it would be perfect if you were interested in starting your own venture, business or otherwise!
You can visit Oh.My.Tookies! here!
P.S. I Love Them
Christie has sponsored me through her Advocare business in the past, and is now a sponsor for her personal blog, P.S. I Love Them!  She has an adorable little girl and blog about their daily adventures.  She just had her first birthday party and the details were ADORABLE!
You can see Christie's blog here!
Smocking Beauty
I just love, love this business!  They are a facebook-based company that sells adorable smocked clothes.   Here are a few examples!

How CUTE are these?! And, unlike other facebook-based companies, they are not an auction can go shop whenever!
Right now, you can enter the code LL10 when you buy any of the 3 Christmas styles on their page.
Love You Muches
Beth is a fellow Bama girl that is also new to our site this month!  I love reading about her experiences in Tuscaloosa.  She also shares fabulous recipes and other fun finds!
You can see her blog here.  You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter!
Life in a Break Down

Sarah has a wonderful lifestyle blog that is also new to the blog this month!  She offers fabulous link-ups for other bloggers to meet each other, wonderful product reviews, and even has a giveaway going right now (UK only)!
This month is her birthday - go show her some birthday love from us!  She also has her blog ads buy one, get one free right now if you're in the market to buy advertising. Go check it out!

I mentioned this previously...Peanutbeary's has advertised on my site basically the whole time my site has been here.  This is a great company that sells lots of unique items, like washcloth cupcakes, cutting boards, appliques, and more.  
You can see them here!
Thank you ALL for your continued support of my little blog!  I have loved working with each and every one of these fabulous companies/blogs.  Go give them some love from me!