Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Thoughts for Thanksgiving Week

Gotta love a random thoughts post to start a (busy!) week. 
-HOW is Thanksgiving week already here?  Geez Louise.  I don't know if it's having a baby, staying home, or just being busy, but time is FLYING!
-Did y'all like the Getting Ready for Christmas series?  I sure hope so - I did!  I want to get back to more "about us" posts this week - that's what I like to keep the blog emphasis on.  But those kinds of posts are fun every once in a while too!
-We had a fun weekend - we had dinner with friends Saturday night (after an Alabama win!), and the grandparents were in town to see Emma Ramey Sunday.  She's going to get a whole lotta' grandparent lovin' this week...spending the afternoon with them tomorrow and most of the day Thursday/Friday.
-And speaking of Alabama - how on earth have we had this kind of crazy season two years in a row?  I won't get on my BCS soapbox - but y'all.  This is nuts. 
-I tried a new recipe that I didn't make up this weekend. :) That corn casserole recipe that's gone kind of viral on Pinterest in the past few days.  It was really good!  Very "bready," if that makes sense, but not in a bad way.
-I have a full-blown mobile baby now.  Yeesh.  She is WAY into cords and shoes, so neither of those can be left on the floor in our house anymore unless we want them in her mouth.  And she is SO wiggly.  She changes positions at least 72 times every time I'm holding her.
-That being said, I love this stage!  She is just more animated and funny.  She's really starting to develop the cutest personality! 
-Black Friday is upon us.  Has anybody seen any just fantastic deals?  There have been a couple - nothing too amazing.  Noah's braving the crowd Thursday night (which I am NOT happy about - why are we shopping on Thanksgiving now?), but I prefer internet shopping on Black Friday.  I can't deal with cray people fighting over toys.
-Emma Ramey's Thanksgiving outfit is 9 months...I bought it either when I was pregnant or she was itty bitty.  She is solidly in 12 month clothes now.  I'm in trouble.
Have a great Monday everyone! Short work week - woo hoo! :)