Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree...

I am usually the one chomping at the bit to put up the Christmas tree every year. I love Christmas so much, and I would probably celebrate it three months out of the year if Noah let me. But he is definitely the one that keeps me in check - he has a strict "not until after Thanksgiving" rule. So y'all can imagine my surprise when he suggested getting the tree out before I did!
We put it up the day after Thanksgiving, but didn't get around to decorating it until Monday night.
Emma Ramey had to wear her Christmas tree outfit for the big night!
(Yes, I realize most of these are blurry. This is a WILD child lately, and it's hard to get her to sit still...hence the blurry pictures.)
In reality, this is what she's doing most of the time.  I'm talking WILD y'all.
Noah's parents got her a pretty first Christmas ornament, and of course that one had to be the first on the tree this year.  
She got to do the honors...with Daddy's help, of course.
She loves looking at the ornaments!  Amazingly, she hasn't been into the tree much yet.  I have a feeling that is short-lived, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
Again, blurry because my child is a crawling monster.  Silly monkey. :)
After a little bit extra decorating yesterday, it is all but finished!  There is still one box in the attic, but there are only a couple of tree decorations in it.
Yesterday, we did the tree in her room.  This picture is a little off topic, but every.single.time I got the camera out yesterday, she would stop, look at me, and give me this big cheesy grin.  I am talking HAM y'all.
Again with the cheesy grin.  There was a little incident about 5 minutes after this involving a pulling-up 8 month old and a crib wasn't pretty.  She wasn't in the best mood for the rest of the night, but we still got a little bit of decorating done!
She wasn't too big with hanging ornaments...more with eating them.  So we didn't finish decorating last night, but...
We finished it this morning!

A particular infant was a little bit more concerned with the ornaments...
Our house officially has TWO fun trees this year!