Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

First holidays have been one of the most fun things about this year.  It's just the best thing to show Emma Ramey how we celebrate.  It makes me even more excited for Christmas!
Emma Ramey started celebrating on Tuesday, with her first in the Halloween ensemble for this year. :)
I'd just like to note that these are 9 month pants, on my 7 month old.  Chunker.
Waking up on Halloween morning!  She had a bib that went with this, that was DESTROYED after her breakfast of apples (which she likes now, by the way!).
We played most of the day...just like any other day.  We did go to the grocery store and get about 842 comments on her outfit and what she was going to be for Halloween.
She was showing off her crawling skills yesterday...I need to upload the video I got.  She's getting really good at it!
Her costume!  I bought this when I was pregnant, and was SO hoping it would just barely did.  I COULD NOT get over how cute she was in this outfit.  It had a little tail too...I should have gotten a picture of it!
Y'all.  Really.  I'm convinced there is nothing cuter in this world.
We didn't go trick or treating this year, since she is still so little and we would have been the ones eating the candy.  We did go to my parent's house to show her off and take a few pictures though.
  With our kitty cat.  My days of wearing big necklaces are coming to an end. :)
With Mimi and Poppa!
And she even got to see her favorite - Granny (my dad's mom).  She loves her!
And even though we didn't go trick or treating, she still got a few treats from the grandparents.  She is a very loved little girl.

We'll be watching The Great Pumpkin later today - she didn't quite make it to see it last night, but it's on the DVR.  One of my favorite Halloween traditions!

That, and the candy.  Which we have a ton of left over.  I believe the diet is officially out the window until January.