Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas - Traditions

**Hi, Kelly's Korner friends!  This is a post I did a couple of weeks ago about traditions I hope to start for my daughter's first Christmas.  I hope you enjoy it!**

Let me first just say how much fun I've had doing this with y'all this week! It was nice to sit down and kind of organize my ideas for Christmas, and I loved seeing your ideas.  I hope y'all have enjoyed it too!  You can see the rest of the posts in this series here.
I have lots and lots of traditions that I've had in my mind for years to begin when we had children.  Christmas is such a special time of the year to me, and I can't wait to see Emma Ramey's reaction to it all.   I want nothing more than to make it special for her and to teach her the true meaning of the season!
A few traditions I would love to start...
-Going to church on Christmas Eve.  This is something we've done with Noah's parents when we're with them for Christmas, and I hope we get to do it this year too.  It's always such a special service!
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned Polar Express day on's something we did with my kids at school every year, and it was my absolute favorite day of the year.  We all wore pajamas, served hot coca, lined the desks up in a row like a train, and watched the movie/read the book/did crafts with the book.  It was SO much fun!  I definitely want to start this with Emma Ramey.
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Yes, everyone does Elf on the Shelf, but I think it is just the cutest idea and we definitely plan on doing it too!  We already have our Elf (who is still nameless...any help would be appreciated!).  There are a billion ideas online with what to do every day.  I know she won't know this year, but it's something I want to start!
I like the idea of having a special present of maybe pajamas, a new book, etc. on Christmas Eve.  
This is a similar idea...have a night where you ride around in your pajamas looking at Christmas lights (click on the picture for the full is a precious idea!).
And even though this is for New Years, it is a cute idea too...put an idea in each balloon and pop the balloons on the hour.  Again, click the picture for the full details.  So cute!
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I can't wait to see traditions you already have or want to start!