Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas - Party Ideas

I think parties are some of the most fun parts of the holidays. We love getting together with family and friends during that time of the year. And there is just SO much you can do with a Christmas party!
Here are a few of my favorite party ideas for the holidays.
How cute would this be for a kids' Christmas party?  I've seen the idea of decorating an upside-down ice cream cone for a tree, instead of doing a gingerbread house.  What a cute craft idea for a party!
I think this would be adorable as a food station at a kids' party.
I ADORE the idea of having a Nutcracker party for little girls!  I have to do this one day for Emma Ramey's friends.
This would be cute for a little bit more adult-themed party.
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest
The best way to serve cocoa at the party above!
...Using this invitation, of course.  Perfect!
I don't know why, but I just think this party idea is so pretty.  I love using light blue in Christmas decorations!
And this invitation would be absolutely great with that party.
I think this party is so pretty and whimsical.  This would be fun for a party with both kids and adults!
This just seems so classic.  I love the unique idea too!
This would just be the cutest idea for a group of close family friends.  Maybe everyone could wear pajamas?
Alright, those are the ideas I found...let me see what you've got!
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